Просмотр полной версии : Событие Чемпионат мира в классе F3P (Польша)

04.10.2014, 16:49
Недавно менеджеру сборной команды Украины в классе F3A пришло приглашение от организатора Чемпионата мира по зальным пилотажным моделям. Для тех, кто желает принять участие или побыть зрителем на данном мероприятии открыт информационный сайт соревнований. http://f3p-wch2015.pl/

I am organizer of the 2015 FAI World Championship for Indo or A erobatic Model Aircraft for Seniors & Juniors - in Poland.
I have the pleasure invite the representatives of Your Country to participate in this great event, which will take place in a modern and great Hall BGZ Arena Pruszkow - near Warsaw. Date: March, 14-21, 2015.
Have a look at the website www.f3p-wch2015.pl (http://www.f3p-wch2015.pl/) - launched two days ago. It is still under construction, but Bulletin No. 1 is already published - together with the PEF.

I'll be grateful for the messages, or representation of your country planning to arrive at the world championships F3P to Poland?

I will be very grateful for the transmission of the message to those interested (association management aero-modeling and / or the National Aero Club).

Best Regards,
Event Organizing Director